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Who Can Benefit


Parenting is enormously rewarding and continuously challenging. I can help you develop effective parenting techniques and avoid power struggles. Addressing the underlying emotions of your child, combined with maintaining a nonjudgmental and curious attitude facilitates attachment security. I will work with you and your child in session. See my Parenting Tips.

Older Children (10+) and Teens

With children I create a playful and safe atmosphere in which to build a strong therapeutic relationship. With both children and teens I use art, games and physical activities to facilitate the expression of feelings. I teach skills, breathing techniques and imagery to encourage a sense of empowerment. I have found that EMDR is a tremendously effective approach with my young clients.


The role of caregiver takes an enormous emotional and physical toll. Typically, the caregiver is unable to care for his or her own needs adequately and becomes overwhelmed and exhausted. The person undergoing Caregiver Stress requires validation, support and understanding.

Young Adults

I love supporting people as they are making the transition from adolescence to adulthood, a period that can take several years. Issues may consist of challenges with peers, career choices, school, family conflicts, financial pressures, value clarifications, increase in responsibilities and more. While change is exciting, it can be destabilizing as well. This is a time when it makes sense to seek support beyond the family in the pursuit of more independence and a broader range of coping strategies.

People Coping with Grief and Loss

Grief is numbing, surreal, earthshattering to our identity and often frightening in its unpredictability. In therapy I can help you identify triggers, learn coping skills and develop an awareness of the spiral nature of grieving. Learning what’s normal in grieving is empowering. It’s important to realize that family members and friends can’t always provide the support you need. Some people don’t anticipate that mourning the loss of a loved one continues over the years as milestones in life are reached and the loss is experienced anew. Let me help you to find new meaning in your loss.

Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.

Amelia Earhart